We've provisioned this demo installation as if it was a Canadian company-so you can test from your country of origin. 

We've installed using the normal AbanteCart Demo, version 1.2.1.  
Since all of the shipping extensions can be used separately or in combinations with our other extensions or with the default_shipping extensions we're included them all in this demo.We have enabled our Editor Extension, as we like it better, so you can see it in action along with the extensions showcased here our :
       Canada Post Integration

We have enabled our extensions with test accounts for your ease of testing - you can change anything else except the account ids.  If you are wanting to test a default shipping you will need to use your own account information.

Admin Panel is accessible here.   User 
demo   Password demo
We have disabled a few of the access points that are unnecessary for you to use in testing.  And the Demo is refreshed frequently to the original installed state.

Note:  on some browsers Abantecart 1.2.1  will give a false notification on the Admin Panel about Access Denied - you may safely ignore. 

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